Thursday, February 09, 2006

With the potential of a weekend trip to my favorite carp water looming, I hit the tying vise tonight. I have plenty of carp flies, but as with all fishing, you need to tie a few patterns brand new for each trip or you are destined to be skunked. I think that rule is written down somewhere. I tied about a dozen flies in 3 varieties that you can see here. The first fly is the famous "carp wooley." I believe it was originally tied by a guy named Paul Huffman. It is my go to fly...a deadly sucker when dropped within six inches of the mouth of a feeding carp!

My second favorite pattern is the crayfish pattern. It really looks nothing like a crayfish, but this is the only fly that I have consistently had carp move 3-9 feet for...they actually chase this thing when they are in the right mood!

My third fly of choice is usually some type of hare's ear pattern, and of late this rust colored fly has worked well. I am too lazy to tie traditional hare's ears, so this has peackock for a tail and wing case, no ribbing, and I use squirrel hair. Not much of a hare's ear at all, but it works!

I also put up a picture of one of my carp fly boxes. I have 3 that I carry, but this is my main box with all of my go to flies in it. I'm all set! Can't wait to get out this weekend and explore! Hopefully the water is warm enough, and I can find the opportunity to test out these flies!


Wendy Berrell said...

That's quite a display of good carp flies. You're sharing all of your secrets... but that's one great thing about carp - no shortage of them.

Great post... I should tie up some of those patterns.

John Montana said...

the carp wooley is fantastic. they can't resist that fly. i'm also partial to any hare's ear pattern, especially in smaller ponds/waters.