Wednesday, February 08, 2006

you have to feel pretty good today...duke got a big win last night thanks to j.j. redick's continued heroics (that guy is an assassin) and gonzaga/stanford play saturday in a monster game! the sun continues to shine in OR, and every day of sun is one day closer to some of my favorite things:

sunny days, shallow water, and big carp!


Wendy Berrell said...

I wish I could see some college games. Is that background in this pic typical of the water clarity you usually encounter at your carp spots? Looks pretty turbid. Wondering how you can see them...

As for getting out - I just realized (remembered) that I'll be driving right by Cold Spring Brook and the LIttle Cannon every time I drive to/from work!

John Montana said...

water clarity varies from spot to spot. this spot on sauvies island is probably the toughest for clarity, but it has the biggest fish. you can spot them much better than you would think, but takes are hard to see because you are fishing to shapes and can't see gills/mouth/etc. some of the other places i fish are much clearer. i'll put up a picture tonight that shows great clarity.

i'd be late getting home if cold spring was in my route after work!