Friday, February 17, 2006

Scott and I went to my favorite carp flat last Sunday. Conditions were nearly ideal. Flat calm, high sun, but the water temp was only 42 degrees! As you can guess, there were no carp on the flats. We enjoyed walking the flats, looking for fish or signs of fish, but it is just too early. On the bright side, that means I can stay focused on my local pond for a while. On trips to my local pond I'm nearly always accompanied by Elia (she loves the ducks!) and that makes each moment even better than the last. Here is a shot of elia from a few months ago...all lined up in the backpack, ready to go, and holding one of my cheap little fiberglass fly rods while I dig out the perfect fly for that day.


Wendy Berrell said...

Great pics of fishing buddy. I'm glad you're able to take her out with you... I love that idea of letting Mom sleep in one day per weekend.

You are a carp freak.

amanda said...

How old is Elia? She is beautiful. I see a congrats is also due - another baby on the way!
Hi from Mitch, too - he's checked out your blog a time or two. (connecting the links through Justin) Take Care!