Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Carp Photo Contest

I entered a "carp photo contest" on Facebook. I am hoping you guys like my picture enough to click "like" on the Facebook page, there are some sweet prizes! You can find the contest here:

Carp Photo Contest

It is through Tailwaters Fly Shop in TX, I entered my favorite action shot from this spring.

Check out the link! If you like my photo click the like button, and if you have a better one submit your photo to the contest. The prizes are great and so far the photo submissions have all been really cool.



Gregg said...

I voted with my wife's account. Cool picture!


Roydn Hisatake Jr said...

I have yet to take a better picture of a carp than the one set as my profile pic.

John Montana said...

That is a great picture roydn! Thanks for the vote Gregg!

Ty said...

That photo is killer. Even my wife thought it was cool and she is not interested in fishing at all. So ya got two "likes" from us.