Friday, July 06, 2012

Some days life is grand

And the best part is, it doesn't take much. Work was pretty good, had a few calls that were fun and some good discussions with customers, employees, and prospective customers. Then I went home and took Elia fishing. We didn't end up fishing much, rather we sat on the bank, ate huge sandwiches and watched the river go by. Somehow that was better. She chased down a tadpole, concerned it in some weeds and I managed to snatch it up for her. That basically made her day, and mine. For the remainder of the evening we watched her tadpole in his little-girl made cove.

Yep, some days, life is grand.


Mr. P. said...

Life is grand indeed!

Chris said...

Glad to see it! That is a pretty cool kid you have there.

Ty said...

Right on. Great post. And dang, that's a big honkin' tadpole.