Thursday, July 05, 2012


There are two pieces of "carping gear that you average trout guy simply does not think to carry in most cases. One is a digital scale, which I consider a must. Most fly fisherman are not used to catching 10 plus lb fish, so a scale is a key. You have just landed a monster carp, likely the biggest freshwater fish you have ever caught on a fly...don't you want to know how big it is? Seriously, $15 and you will be within a few ounces.

Two...a net. This post is directly related to an excellent post by Mr. P, one of my best carping buddies. Go here and check it out. He just picked up a Patagonia Stealth Atom sling pack after using mine back in ID. Not to get off track, but I love that pack. The kicker, he was able to rig and use a net on his recent wade trip, something Jim hasn't done much in the past. Personally, I have no idea how he had been doing it. I consider a net a must have item. So much so that I bring my net with me to Lake MI, ID or anywhere else I go. A net shortens the battle (and as Jim says, the "take is the premier moment!") and the net is an absolute savior when it comes to really big (20 plus) fish. I can honestly say that one 30 lber I caught a few years ago could NOT have been beached. The hook fell out like butter the second that fish hit the net.

The to carry one and be mobile and comfortable. Here is my is set up to hang from my Patagonia pack, but really, I could hang it from a belt loop, wading belt, etc.

The components are simple. I bought an "O" type screw thing (yep, I am quite the handy man!) from the hardware store and screwed it directly into the handle. Then I bought a plastic clip (yet to need replacement by the way) and screwed that into the handle as well since my net folds in half. Next up...a $4 dog leash, all I wanted was the keyeing and clip.

I simply thread the key ring/clip onto the strap of my pack (or belt loop etc) and clip the net on.

With my pack, I can slide the key ring/net to the front to make it easy to unhook the net to land a fish. The dog leash is easy to operate with one hand and the net unfolds by just pulling on it (the plastic clip is strong enough to keep the net from ufolding unless you pull.


It rides off to my left side and slightly behind my hip, so it doesn't bounce around or trip me up. This system has worked for me, but whatever you end up rigging together, think about adding a net and scale to your carping gear. I wouldn't leave home without either item!



testflycarpin said...

Its a sweet setup you got. Still perfecting mine. Should be good for a laugh when I get there, the dang thing is as big as I am.

Ty said...

Good info John. I need to get a new net. Mine doesn't fold and it's kind of a pain dragging a 4 foot long net around. Also, recently started carrying a scale because of what you and other carp guys have said. Can't believe I never carried one before.

BrookfieldAngler said...

So that giant net doesn't get hung up on every branch, bush, and tree when you are bushwacking to get to some tucked away water?

John Montana said...

Trevor can attest...i do some bushwacking! hah. it does ok. sometimes i unclip it and carry it in front of me to get through the thick stuff, but the bulk of my time is spent in the water, roughly knee deep. in those situations, the net simply hangs slightly behind me and works perfectly. is there a pain in the butt factor? yes, but it is a small one and very much overcome by the benefits of a net.

trashfisher said...

I use a magnetic attachment for hanging my net. It works pretty well except for the fact that the finer sediments derived from basalt in the river contains illite and magnetite so after a while if you don't pay attention the magnet gets gunked up and the net falls off. I like the idea of your purely mechanical hanger better because it would eliminate the problems associated with the magnet.

Unknown said...

Hmm, I have to admit the Vibram's ruin it for me. ;)