Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day Two

Mr. P called tonight while McTage and I gorged on pizza to ask how the day went. I told him it was successful, despite dealing with full on cloud cover. Jim says:

"Clouds are the devil."

To that I say: thanks for writing my day two report Jim! Yes, cloud cover sucks big time...but Mctage doesn't. He stuck his share of fish including this fatty.

It wasn't easy, but it truly never is. We kept our feet going, our eyes sharp and we flat out made it happen.

More to come...


Gregg said...

Nice fish as expected, love that clear water and awesome cobble.


JM said...

I see that Gregg and I like "cobble".

Great work, Gents ... stay on 'em.

Unknown said...

nice fish you should try fishing with Captain Ray Culver he fishes down in south florida and can put you on some good fish