Sunday, July 01, 2012

Urban Fishing

Ran out to the river today under steel grey skies. The hope was that I would find some carp in shallow, but I underestimated how high the water really is right now. The flat I had in mind was too deep to wade, let alone spot carp with no sun. With nothing else to do, I blasted some casts off into the river and caught a small northern pike minnow.

I only had an hour or so and was content to just wander around on the off chance that I would spot a carp up shallow. No go on the carp but I did see a random dude rolling a joint in the bushes. This is Portland man! No need to hide in the bushes!


Brian J. said...

seriously-- from what I've observed you can freely sell that stuff on the Max trains.

way to get out there despite the odds! You almost never regret it..

John Montana said...

Saw your bass report...that is how to get it done!

Gregg said...

Thanks for your help earlier elsewhere John! I have nothing against pike minnows, always hoping for one of say 5lb. but 2 or slightly more is my largest.