Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day Three

Tough. The carp fishing is tough. The bass fishing continues to be solid through fantastic, and a smarter group of fisherman would just bite the bullet and go full on after bass. But not these guys. We are catching some bass but we keep on walking, we keep on scanning, and we keep on casting to mostly negative carp. We are getting a few.

Gone are the aggressive fish we found last year, replaced with more lethargic and lazy carp. I landed two today, and both takes were signified by the carp simply stopping above my fly. No charging, chasing carp this year!

I caught one on a big leechy pattern (weird that the carp just sucked that big fly off the bottom) and one on a small carp stew by McTage. Wendy's fish fell to a brown leech on a similarly minimal take. Joe didn't connect with a carp today but caught a sweet bass.


We will fish for a good chunk of tomorrow, hoping to close the books with at least a few carp to hand!


Gregg said...

The trying is almost the most important part. I like those fish you did catch, every day (year) is bound to be unlike in some way the day prior, or next. Awaiting next...


testflycarpin said...

I don't know about you, I just spent all day telling myself over and over "if this was easy I wouldn't be so into it". Self wasn't buying it. Hope day 4 was better, glad the carp stew came through!