Friday, June 22, 2012

Day two

Carp are tough. Bottom line, if they don't want to eat, they are not going to eat. We saw hundreds of carp today but they simply wouldn't eat. We caught two.

Fortunately, Smallmouth bass are not tough. We hammered the bass. It was routine for bass to charge our flies from ten feet away. Frequently the bass would bust right through the middle of a group of carp to eat the fly. They were everywhere, and they ate with abandon. I am not going to complain about catching 70-80 bass (best estimate between the three of us) but the carp were just killing us. We could not get those fish to eat.

We will give them another shot tomorrow...and likely catch a bunch more bass and a few more drum.

By the one point I decided to see how many bass I could catch on consecutive casts...the answer is six. There is literally no telling how many bass we could have caught had we spent the day only fishing to bass. The bass around here are just crazy.


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Brian J. said...

Been loving these updates-- that first picture is awesome-- If you were holding a bonefish I feel like the scenery would fit just as well.