Thursday, June 07, 2012

That noise you might have heard around 2 pm?

Yeah, that was me.

24 lbs on the digital scale...not the longest fish but man what a gut on this big girl. Mctage, thank you for the trouser worms...she ate it on the drop. Just dipped her head and hoovered that fly right off the bottom. Man did that feel good.

I only fished for a couple of hours, and am currently waiting for Mr. P at the airport...but what a day. Twelve carp to hand, nothing over 12 lbs except the big girl, but I can't really explain how strange it is for EVERY carp you see to be a mirror! Crazy stuff! Plus, I caught half of my fish blind casting into a big ball of mud. These fish are aggressive. Not a bad little appetizer, the real deal starts tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more mirrors.


Wendy Berrell said...


What a sow.

And just the beginning.

Good luck guys.

testflycarpin said...

Yes!!!! Congrats man, always good to reach a goal. I have seen pictures of 30s there, with such a fine start who knows?

Ty said...

Dude, you're having a MONSTER year. Looking forward to the reports from you guys these next few days.

Unknown said...

Wow, nice fish! On to the 30lb mark. Or do you go to 25 next?

John Montana said...

Thanks guys...I feel pretty good. I was feeling the pressure a bit! Now I can relax and just see what I can find out there on the big lake. Hoping Jim gets a big one tomorrow.

FISH TALES said...

Great job John!

Gregg said...

Keep an eye on access if you please. I love the mud bit, what I'm used to. Every fish a mirror, that I was unaware of, I simply thought it was known for it's plentiful number of them. Way too cool!

Good report! Gregg