Friday, June 08, 2012

Old dogs and new tricks

Blind casting for carp...for a guy like me (and Mr. P) the idea of catching carp blind stripping flies is just crazy. Out here, it is the primary method. The sediment is very fine, and just a few feeding or active carp can stir it up quickly, and instead of clear water, you are looking at chocolate milk. I caught a few fish sight casting today, but the bulk of my fish were caught stripping big leeches. There were some crushing takes.

Chris from Many a Fish and Shane from Fish Hunter Chronicles hosted, and those guys put us on fish! We basically looked for big mud clouds, then stripped flies through the mud. Chris landed a mid twenties fish (I was too far away to get a picture) and I lost a similar fish right at the net...heartbreaking.

It was a fun day on the water, and pretty unique for Jim and I. Stripping flies blind for carp? Crazy! Mr. P hooked several fish, but didn't get any to the net. We did see some pigs though...and again, so interesting to have nothing but mirrors around! Another full day tomorrow, hopefully we can put some big mirrors in the net!


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Gregg said...

Sounds like heaven! I know how I might try in mud but if stripping flies works well there do as the Romans do. Nice fish, but that's all I ever see from you. We have a serious cool down, wind, rain, I think it may miss you, I hope.