Sunday, June 10, 2012

For the record

Snow flurries and carp on the fly don't mix.

Well, we gave it a shot anyway. As we rigged up at the lake, snow and hail briefly pelted us, but eventually things settle down to merely cold and windy with full cloud cover. We spent time blind casting I. The cold, but with no mudding fish, no leaping fish, no signs of fish whatsoever, we gave up the ghost pretty early and headed out.

Luckily, we made one last stop, and we found a load of small 5-7 lb carp. The sun poked out here and there, but even in the clouds we could see the fish thanks to a high vantage point. I managed to catch six and Jim landed two. I did find some visual candy, stalking down the bank during a brief period of sun and sticking three fish that were actively feeding...all three took the venerable soft hackle, though they ate with a lot more aggression than I am used to seeing.

Right now we are sitting in the airport. I am tired, I smell horrible and my hands are raw from the wind and cold. It was a great trip with Mr. P, and I was glad to meet Shane, Chris and Brent. This is a fishery that I hope to hit again when the weather cooperates...but right now?

I just want to get home and see my family.



Gregg said...

Gosh, the bane of many pursuits, including much more serious ones, the weather. I wish you all had it easier but I know of few who could of done it better.


John Montana said...

Thanks Gregg...we gave it a go! Broke out the heavy artillery too...Jim chucked one of your eggs at some carp. No luck but they were not really feeding and we were 30 feet above them.

Wendy Berrell said...

THanks for taking us to that water. Great reports and pics. You guys pushed through bad conditions and yet again found some success.

Can't imagine what it'd be like to be surrounded by mirrors.