Saturday, June 09, 2012


Today we simply grinded it out.

We met up with Brent from Uprising under beautiful blue skies, but by the time we had rigged up the clouds started to roll in, along with a heavy dose of reality. The carp were shut down.

The wind howled and the cold numbed our fingers. Poor Brent slipped while wading and took a full on dunking in the cold water and howling wind...that was a wrap for him. He headed home to stave off hypothermia but Jim and I kept pounding away...and Mr. P saved the day with three Carp to hand. I snagged a few, but ended the day skunked.

One more shot tomorrow, pray for a break in the weather. The forecast calls for snow showers!



testflycarpin said...

Awesome scale pattern on that last picture. Do they all have a good bit of yellow to their scales there or is that just the lighting?

John Montana said...

Hard to really say, but they are all beautiful fish. It really is insane to be fishing a lake with 100 percent mirrors. Just crazy.

Gregg said...

Good for you guys! Nice as in beautiful fish. Like McTage said, that last shot was exceptional. Our weather is improving, so maybe yours will before the day you leave.